Digital transformation

Our right choice of business-supporting technologies, help enterprises go beyond automating traditional methods and processes and facilitate user to explore new ways to boost business which even transform business models and expansion of the same. Our multi-domain operation include Academic Institutes, Hospitality Management, Hospitals and Research Centers, Software Development Industries and many more and carefully gather experience in delivering reliable IT solutions with the focus on industry specific needs. We are ready to join your IT journey regardless of the digital maturity level and help choose most profitable technology innovations to leverage your business resulting in improved customers experience and employee satisfaction.

IT consulting industry works in a Four-tier system:

  1. Professional Services: The firms which maintain large professional workforces and generate high revenue rates.
  2. Staffing Firms: which have a temporary connect within technologists and businesses, typically in response to employee absences, temporary skill shortages and technical projects.
  3. Independent Consultants: Who are self-employed or who function as employees of staffing firms, or as independent contractors in their own right.
  4. Information Technology Security Consultants: There are different reasons why consultants are called in:
    • a) For gaining external, objective advice and recommendations
    • b) For gaining access to the consultants' specialized expertise
    • c) For providing temporary help during a one-time project where the hiring of a permanent employee(s) is not needed
    • d) For outsourcing all or part of the IT services to a specific company.

Big Data & Data Science

Nityosoft ensures the delivery of intelligent business solutions and providing complete support for subsequent management solutions with the help of supportive tools as a best practice implementable through useful data available.

Big Data technology has proved itself to be an Aid for the Industries focusing on the economic growth and use of innovative technologies for technicalities. It has expanded and opened all the barriers of data reachability resulting into faster and controlled data access and modeling. The IT solution partners have resulted as boon for understanding the Data Sciences and making competent stand in the market and

We at Nityosoft come up with multiple business supportive services with the help of appropriate use of Business Intelligence using Big Data technology serving varying industries. Every business is served with the relevant and effective method created specifically and independently for clients.

Players of Big Data Technology

No single technology can encompass Big Data, obviously the advanced analytics needs to be applied to the big data which is done with the help of using several technologies together for serving the purpose. Some of the technologies fulfilling the need are as under:

  1. Machine Learning
  2. Data Management
  3. Hadoop
  4. Predictive Analytics
  5. In-Memory Analytics
  6. Data Mining
  7. Text Mining

The Big Data Analytics is important for many reasons, to name few:

  1. Cost reduction
  2. Faster, better decision making
  3. Understanding customer needs and satisfying them, etc.

Cloud Solutions

We provide varying facilities through Cloud technology to distinguished industries

It has been two decades of using the cloud computing technology and the data points to the business efficiencies, cost-benefits, and competitive advantages, a large portion of the business community has started to move towards using this technology. The study of an International Data Group, states that 69% of businesses are already using cloud technology in one capacity or another, and 18% have a plan to implement cloud-computing solutions in near future. One more report states that companies that invest in big data, cloud, mobility, and security generates revenue up to 53% faster growth when compared to their competitors. The number of tech-savvy businesses has increased and the industry leaders have recognizing the benefits of the cloud-computing trend. Thus we provide this service so that you can use this technology to more efficiently run the organization, have better customer service features, and dramatically increase the overall profit margins of your company.


Nityosoft follows the unique processing pattern which includes "Providing Services and Systems Following Agile Iterative Methods" and "Providing A Hosting Environment Which is Scalable" with the help of "Continuous Testing Involving Automated Technique"

Why you should use DevOps Technology?


There are may business and technical benefits provided through DevOps proponents, which results in happier customers with higher satisfaction level. Some benefits of DevOps include:

  1. Delivery of product at Faster level with better/accurate results
  2. Greater scalability and availability
  3. Stable operating environments
  4. Better utilization of resources
  5. Greater automation
  6. Better and improved system outcomes
  7. Greater innovation


ERP (Enterprise Resource planning) technology used for managing the business is highly impactful in the business world nowadays.

How can ERP Benefit you?

How can ERP Benefit you?

  1. You can have focused it costs
  2. You can have total visibility
  3. You can have improved reporting and planning
  4. You can have flexible modularity
  5. You can have improved efficiency
  6. You can have improved customer service
  7. You can have data security and quality
  8. You can have improved collaboration and workflows
  9. You can have standardized business processes
  10. You can have facilitated regulatory compliance
  11. You can have improved supply chain management
  12. You can have superior scalability

We provide all these services and many more!


The mobile landscape has tremendously expanded with the combined execution made possible for convergence of telecommunication and devices compatible with computing feature.

By having Mobile solution you can provide following benefits to your cients:

By having Mobile solution you can provide following benefits to your clients:

  1. Appropriate and efficient management of mobile and remote resources
  2. Profitable reduced operational costs
  3. Better and improved service delivery
  4. Opportunity to have productivity improvement
  5. Technology ensuring business continuity
  6. Possibility of Retaining customer loyalty
  7. Facility of winning new customers
  8. Facilitating users by Providing greater flexibility
  9. Leveraging existing infrastructures to maximise logistics potential
  10. increasing possibility of Promising tangible business benefits such as real time return on investment (ROI)
  11. Opportunity to Help organisations gain and sustain a competitive advantage

Software Testing

Our Software Testing and Quality Assurance services specialize in delivering proficient and standardized outcomes for the organizational performance in the market.

Software Testing is done for identifying bugs or faults in the existing product, before delivering it to the end user. With the help of this Testing Facility we provide following benefits due to which companies go with the decision of asking software testing facility by us.

  1. We help in identifying and fixing bugs before the software becomes operational, which considerably reduces the risk of failure.
  2. No software works alone. Generally, it has to integrate and function with other existing legacy systems, As per the need. In such cases, we can get assurance through Software Testing which confirms it's work suitably and its performance which won't get affected due to the integration.
  3. Software Testing is a part of the Software Development process performed for root cause analysis which helps in making it more efficient.
  4. It is performed in the way end user would do. With a preview that end user will possibly face, tests are carried out and their accuracy and efficiency are duly noted for any discrepancies.
  5. Reliability of software can be measured by certification or its conformation with any set technical standard. This helps in creating confidence and a healthy business relationship.

Software Testing is of great need when done at the right time becoz by this we enhances the efficiency of the products by keeping the end user in mind.

Testing & QA

We at Nityosoft provide Testing and Quality Assurance services at onshore and offshore level. We expertise on different testing methodologies.

Benefits we provide through our Quality Assurance Facility:

  1. It can Save Time & Money, as quality is inversely proportional to management cost.
  2. You can Prevent Catastrophic Corporate Emergencies
  3. You can Inspire Client Confidence
  4. You can get Great User Experience
  5. You can earn More Profit
  6. Get Boosted Customer Satisfaction
  7. Get Promoted Organizational, Productivity, and Efficiency
  8. Assure acceptance through delivering trustworthy product
  9. Provide secure data space to user
  10. Provide Vulnerability free products to your client(End user)
  11. Advantage of eliminating Problems and risks beforehand
  12. Provide trouble free services